Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter 2

Easter morning I picked out some nice and fairly coordinating clothes for the kids to wear for their Easter pictures.  Becca was thrilled about putting on a new dress.  The boys whined and complained about shirts they don't like.  (Notice it's just a polo shirt - no vests, no kaki pants, no fancy shoes - I don't think I'm asking too much really.)

After they were dressed, though, they had a fun time posing for pictures.

After church we came home, ate lunch, and then the kids were all sent out to play (after a change of clothes you will notice).  By the way it was almost 70 degrees here on Sunday - fabulous!  When they came in we did an egg hunt.

This year we mixed up a bunch of different eggs.  We had the 12 resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story about Jesus.  Then we had some mini chocolate eggs.  And then we had some plastic eggs that were fill with either candy or pieces of a new lego set.

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