Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Boy

This past Monday we went out and purchased a twin bed for Michael - or as we call it here, a Big Boy Bed at Michael's House. It was delivered yesterday. Michael and Noah (the 3 yo I sit for) were watching the truck pull up to the house. Truck watching, mind you, is a highlight of their day. As the bed is being carried into the house, Noah is jumping circles (yes it was much more energetic than just running circles) around Michael saying, "Aren't you 'cited Michael?" over and over. Michael on the other hand is in his quiet "watch and figure this all out" mode. So they watch the guys put it together and Michael is quite proud of it all when it's done.
Fast forward to nap time. I'm really unsure how this is going to go. We set the bed up with just the bottom sheet and a bed rail - no pillow. I figured this was as similar to the crib experience that we could get. I lay Michael down and go downstairs to listen. He starts talking and moving around and even singing - all of which has become normal for his naps. (This of course is a whole other story I could entitle - A Two Year Old Should Not Be Aloud to Give Up His Naps!) And finally he quiets down.
Come evening he goes down no problem! So our 2 year old has had his first successful nap and night sleep in his Big Boy Bed. Here is a picture I took in the middle of the night (the scrapbooker in me couldn't resist) and one of Michael showing off the bed in the morning:

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