Monday, November 5, 2007


Well, Halloween was on Wednesday this year. Wednesday is church night for us - I usually teach the kid's programs on Wed. Assuming that I wouldn't have too many kids come this last week, we canceled the kid's classes, but still offered child care for the youth workers and the Bible study participants that would be meeting that night.
So Tim and I got to run the nursery. We figured that Michael isn't old enough now to miss trick-or-treating. So I tried to find him a Halloween shirt to wear instead of a costume this year. I was shocked, checking at Target, Kohls, and a couple of other places that I couldn't find one! The girl shirts (all of them had frills and things on the sleves/neck) were all cute with cats and pumpkins, while the boy shirts had spiders and mummies and said phrase that I was less than pleased with. Finally though I found a pumpkin sweatshirt that Michael loved. Here are some pictures of him outside that morning!

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