Saturday, May 9, 2009

The house

Our house is on the market. For those who don't know, we are packing up and moving to Michigan this summer to be closer to family. So we have our house of for sale. So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The bad: It has been very hard getting people to come and see the place. It's been on the market for almost a month now and we've had three showings. Our second showing led to an offer, but it was soon after withdrawn.

The good: We just got a call from our realtor saying that the person who came through today (our third showing) is very interested. He is going to be finalizing some financial things on Monday and then might be ready to make an offer. So you all can be praying about that!

And what is the ugly you may ask: I'm suppose to keep the house VERY clean so that it is ready to show whenever. Now I've never been a great housekeeper, but this has got to be hard for just about anybody. Especially since Jon is just loving the fact that he has learned how to crawl and is trying to find all the cool places he can go and all the fun things he can pull out of their place. And just today he learned how to open the the kitchen cupboard where the trash is kept, so we might be in for even more of a treat! Michael, while he can make a mess just as good as any other 3 year old, is at least old enough to help with the cleaning too now. He picks up toys, helps sort laundry, does some of the dishes, and also keeps Jon distracted so I can clean the bathroom without Jon crawling on me and grabbing the cleaning products. So Michael has been a huge help, but I think he will be done with cleaning for a long time after all this - and maybe I will too!

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