Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Lord's Timing

Last year about this time we were hearing from the Lord that we were moving back to the Grand Rapids area. We sent our resumes, looked at schools, and tried to get ready for the move and no doors opened. We wondered if we were to step out in faith like Abraham. Then we met with Pastor and God opened a door for us to remain in Pittsburgh for another year and for Tim to complete some classes online.
So now back to this year. The Lord is still telling us to head back to GR and so we started searching again for doors and can I just tell you - they are opening with no effort on our part, one right after the other in front of us as if the Lord is pushing those handicap buttons for us. We put out one call for realtors and found a pair that are working out perfect for us. We had an offer on the house that was going to have some snags and it fell through only to have another one come that we've accepted. It is for the perfect amount of money and with the perfect closing date! (June 26 by the way.) The Lord has someone great to take over Tim's job at the church. We have several leads on jobs ourselves. And I got an e-mail from my adviser at Calvin saying that this was the last year I could get back into my master's program and asking if I wanted my name added to the scholarship applications. Not only did I add my name but I ended up getting two scholarships that will pay for almost 2/3 of my tuition for this year. Oh, and would you believe I just got $5 out of a cereal box this morning?
The Lord is so good at providing!
So where does that leave us? Well, we just continue to walk through the doors and wait for God to push the button to open the next.


Andy DeJong said...

I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog to see if your house had sold... I am so happy for you guys!!!! How wonderful to see God's hand guiding your little family.

Now, you don't have to keep the house clean, but just have to pack with two little kids. We will continue to pray for you:)

love julie

kristen lorenze said...


I'm so sad you all are leaving, but so happy for the Lord's provision for you! Yay on your house selling!