Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and the Bathtub

Jonathan loves baths. He gets so excited when we carry him into the bathroom and practically jumps out of our arms and into the tub. Tim is usually the bath giver, so he will take the boys up and get them settled. Without fail, about 5 minutes later, he is calling out, "Jonathan is done, can you come get him!" You see Jon enjoys the bath so much that no one else can enjoy the time much.
Tim feels like he is one arm short in bathing Jon. You need two arms to hold him and one arm to clean him with. Jon crawls all over the tub, stands up, tries to crawl out, grabs at anything and everything, and well you get the point - he is a handful (or more like three handfuls).
Poor Michael is resolved to hiding out in the corner of the tub. Jon splashes and splashes him, grabs at his toys, and tries to crawl over him. I think it is the only time Jon seems to have the upper hand in their relationship.
And me, well I try to sit down for some peace and quiet while Tim is in charge of the boys and five minutes later, my quiet time is over.
Jon's favorites:
*Splashing until everything and everyone is soaked.
*Trying to drink out of the plastic cup in the tub.
*Having water dumped over his head!

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