Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan

To keep Jon from the classic middle child being ignored syndrome I thought I'd post today all about Jon.
We were up at the Lake today visiting friends and they commented on Jon, "He is just so adorable, ... although he has that look like he might be one who gets into trouble." I started immediately laughing, for that is Jon to the T! He is so sweet and cute and loves to snuggle with me and a lot of the day I just can't get enough of him, but he also gets into sooo much trouble and many times a day I just need him to stop and be still for 2 minutes.
*He adores his little sister and looks for her every morning. He loves to have her sit in the swing so he can push her HIGH! He has observed that she likes to put things in her mouth so he is always happy to pick up things and put them in her mouth for her. :)
*He loves cars and trains. Recently I picked up some new wooden train and train track pieces to add to our collection. They are currently set up on the table in the boys room and Jon is having a blast playing with them for hours each day. In fact, he loves then so much that he simply couldn't fall asleep the first few days because it was too much fun to look at them through his crib bars. So taking a trick we learned from Michael and the drum set he shared a bedroom with one week on vacation, we have started putting the trains "to bed" before night time and nap time. He says good night to them and then we cover them with a blanket. Then we can put Jon in his bed and cover him with his blanket.
*If anyone with a baby would like to know what they need to do to child proof their home we are ready to rent out Jonathan. He has an amazing knack for finding everything he is not suppose to in a room. His favorite thing to do right now is to plug and unplug things in the surge protector we use for our computers. He will also find scissors, press buttons on my phone, dump things out of boxes, empty cupboards, climb up onto tables, and the list goes on and on. The good news is he has started responding to our "go to timeout" by sauntering to a chair in the dining room and climbing up on his own, all with an expert fake cry.
*Jon is developing a great sense of humor. Like Michael he knows the way things are suppose to go, but unlike Michael he likes to do them in a completely opposite way. This leads to many funny predicaments and he is ready to laugh at them harder than anyone. Tonight he decided that stacking cups normally was getting a bit boring, so he covered himself with a blanket, fumbled his way back to the table where he had set up the cups, reached out his hand, only to grab open air. With a sheepish grin he pulled the blanket off his face and laughed along with our reactions.

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