Friday, August 6, 2010

One Two Bee

In the past month, Jon has gotten into counting. Especially when we would look at a book, he would want to count anything in the pictures: the flower, the clouds, the people, the trains, you name it. Then he ventured out on his own to count things, saying, "one, two, bee, one, two, bee, ..." as he pointed to each thing. For those of you who are teachers, let me tell you that he had great one-to-one correspondence, pointing to one object for each number he counted - way beyond some of my students when I was teaching. (proud Mommy moment.)

Well that has all evolved now. For a while whenever he saw more than one of anything he would scream, "one-two-bee!" So it became a phrase that meant more than one. Too cute, I know. Well now he is back to counting but the phrase has stuck so instead of showing off his advanced counting correspondence he is now back to just cute toddler counting: for each object he points to he says, "onetwobee." So tonight when he counted four cars in the box he exclaimed: "onetwobee, onetwobee, onetwobee, onetwobee!"

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