Friday, February 24, 2012

More of Becca and her animals

As you can see from just about every post I've written about Becca recently, she loves her stuffed animals. There is so much of toddler life that I feel "been there, done that" about, but this is something new for our family. My boys never really got into enjoying stuffed animals that much.

The other day I took some pictures of the animals I found strategically placed by Becca.

Here is Tigger waiting for dinner:

And elephant taking care of business:

Since Becca likes to follow me around, especially when I have a camera in hand, she saw what I was taking pictures of and decided to pick up her play story with Elephant. She jabbered about him to me for a minute and when I didn't seem to understand what she was saying she ran to get a diaper from the changing table and indicated that Elephant was done with the potty and now needed a diaper.

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