Monday, February 20, 2012

What are you doing?

So the last few months have been a bit crazy and wild for me as my plans for this semester have been shifting weekly for me. So a few of you have asked for details about how things have all settled out.

First, I'm taking two classes at Calvin this semester in an effort to complete my masters this spring and not continue to drag things out. First, I'm completing my research project that is the last class towards receiving my masters. Second, I'm doing a student teaching practicum placement that will complete what I need in order to get my endorsement in learning disabilities on my state of MI teaching certificate. The good news is that I can combine the projects a bit. The bad news is that it is still a lot of work and I need to be away from my kids a lot to get it all completed.

I am working with a teacher in 4th-6th grade special education. Right now I'm putting in practicum hours and within a couple of weeks I will be taking over for her maternity leave. This placement was such a blessing from God. First it is in an amazing school and second I will be paid during the maternity leave so it will help cover the cost of the baby sitter pay.

For my research I'm doing a project with some of the students I'm working with. I'm looking at the importance of seeing the whole student, not just the disability. I'm so happy that I can combine this with my student teaching, however, it means starting from scratch and abandoning the project I had started last summer.

Another blessing this semester is that we have found a wonderful person to do child care for us. She graduated from college a few years ago and is without a job right now, and she is great with our kids. She is able to come to our house which means I don't have to ship the kids around and pack things up for them every day. And the kids are all having a good time with her although they do fuss a little over me having to leave so many days.

I am loving being in the schools again, but I'm struggling a bit with how to balance everything. The last time I taught was before kids and even then I had trouble balancing homework in the mix of life. So now I just need to figure out how to juggle even more and of course I miss being home with my kids each day.

So I thought I would leave you with pictures of the family from last Saturday. I was able to find some quiet time to do homework and then it occurred to me that I should check on the "quiet" and make sure it wasn't "trouble." Turns out all was good.

Tim was playing some drums to a music loop.

And Michael was lounging a chair listening to Tim's music.

Jon was building roads for his cars.

Becca had herself surrounded by her stuffed animals.

And I was reading research articles on my computer. It is like a "which of these things just doesn't belong" games. :)

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