Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pacifier Free

I have been afraid to say anything for fear I would jinx it, but we are now a pacifier free house!!

When we took the kids to the dentist last month and they said they could see that Jon used a pacifier (although he did give his up many months ago), we got a little worried about Becca and her teeth. Tim and I talked and decided it was at least worth a try. So about a month ago when I put her to bed, we made a big deal about saying good-bye to her pacifier and took them out of her room. She was a bit confused when I put her down, but there was minimal whining and she went to sleep fine.

The weeks that followed were better than I was expecting, but not perfect. First she would complain about going to bed. (When she had the pacifier she used to get all excited at bed time.) She would go to sleep fine, but was waking up early in the mornings and taking naps only about half as long as she use to. I started to weigh the problem of shorter sleeps verses crooked teeth and held off a bit longer, although at times I just wanted to give her a pacifier back.

Then we got sick and sleep because even more erratic. Now, though, I'm happy to announce that her sleep is returning to what it use to be as she must be getting use to sleeping without the pacifier and she never asks about it or anything. I do keep coming across pacifiers that have been hidden in drawers or lost under couches, but for the most part we are now pacifier free!

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