Monday, March 17, 2008


Monday is usually grocery day for me. Often times I get to sleep in while hubby gets up with Michael and then I take Michael off his hands to go to the store. However, this morning I got up first and then left Michael home with dad while I went shopping. Sad to say that going shopping alone is like a treat for me, but that is the life of a SAHM.... Anyway, it seems that each month our grocery bill gets more and more expensive! It is getting unreal. This week, the bill was 50% more than it was just a year ago. Now to put things in perspective I am eating more than I usually do since I'm pregnant but still. I hope that this trend comes to an end soon!
Budgeting for things like this can be so tough. How do we know how much we will need to buy groceries in a year? The great thing is that I know that God will provide. In our small group Bible study on Sunday we all shared ways that God has provided for us. What a blessing to look back and see all of the ways God has taken care of us over the years and to know that He will continue to. Praise God!

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