Thursday, March 13, 2008

I need two more!

Well, my sister always teased us that by giving our son the initials MTH we were predestining him for a math major in college and true to his initials Michael is fascinated with numbers already and seems to understand them pretty well. Today we were making play-doh balls and counted out three of them. Michael said he needed more, so I made another and held it up. He said "4." Then we did #5. I stopped and Michael said, "No, 6 and 7. Need two more!" He just amazes me! I've spent hours and hours with kids saying "If we have 5 and we need 7 how many more do we need?" and the like.


Michele said...

That's a boy after my own heart!!

You should give the next baby the initials ENGLISH and see what happens! (Okay, that's a little long, but it may be worth it.)

Andrew said...

Ernest Nathaniel George Leonardo Isaac Stephen Haig...

It flows pretty well!