Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well it happened

We were lucky with Michael when he slept in his crib that he never tried to climb out. I never had to walk in and find him precariously balancing on the top rail or anything like that. When we moved him to a bed, the funny thing is that the trend continued. He never got out of his bed until one of us came to get him. And then yesterday morning - Sat we didn't have anything we needed to get up early for and I was awoken around 8:00 to Michael climbing up onto our bed. When I looked at him a bit baffled he proudly said, "I wake up!" grinning at me. So then again, 20 minutes into his "nap" he comes down the stairs proudly saying "I all done - nap." When I told him that no, he wasn't and that he needed to stay in bed until I came to get him after his nap, his response what a pondering "Oooohhh." Hopefully that will keep things from getting too crazy. Tomorrow is another sleep in day for us so we'll see what happens....

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