Monday, February 14, 2011

My Becca is One!

Yesterday was the first anniversary of our trip to the hospital for the birth of our little girl. After church we all went to my Dad's house. I was so impressed that I could still take some pictures of her with her pigtales 3 hours after I put them in her hair. She usually grabs at them and pulls them out quick. Today however, she ignored them all through church and the drive so she was still as cute as a button! She had a fabulous day. She was playful and talkative all day and even attempted a step for us.
Here is our little one year old:
One Year Old

One Year Old

Grandpa made her a cake. As smart as mom can be, I dressed her in a nice white shirt so we had to undress her before the festivities could begin. Initially she was excited about the candle and watched curiously as Michael blew out her candle. Grandpa gave her the first bite with a spoon. She cautiously licked the tip and then opened her mouth for a bigger taste. By the time we got a piece on her tray she was ready to try a fistful!
Cake!  Candle!

Turning 1

That looks good


After she got a nap (and she actually slept great even after all that sugar!) it was time for her present. While she thought the sparkly paper was fun, she had no idea what to do so her brothers were ready to jump in and help. In fact after Michael had carried the present into the room to get ready, Jon had already started a small bit of unwrapping before Becca even made it into the room. She got some new play food for our play kitchen which is one of her favorite toys to play with. While the box did say for ages 3+ I figure our amazing Becca is such an advanced one year old that they would be find for her. :)
Unwrapping with help

Birthday Present

By the way, these are just a sample of the pictures we took. I was transferring the pictures to the computer and I got a message about waiting while it transfered 158 pictures. To be fair, 5 of the pictures were of a beautiful sunset on our drive home, but 153 of them were of our sweet not so baby anymore girl.


Michele said...

That picture of Becca with cake on her face is so adorable. What a beautiful little TODDLER!!

Emily said...

Absolutely LOVE the pigtails. She is so completely adorable, and definitely looks like a one year old. Glad she had a wonderful birthday!