Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

So I started this post the week of the snow, but apparently I never got around to publishing it, so here we are.

For those who were under a rock most of the country was hit by a blizzard. Schools were closed all around. Tim and Michael were happy to have the day off from school and were eager to get out and start working on the driveway. We all bundled up and went out together.

Blizzard 2011

Michael had a blast. He waded through the snow and tried to help shoveling. Jon absolutely hated it and cried a lot. Becca had fun watching everyone and batting at the snow like she was splashing in water.

In the snow

When we first got out the kids were a bit stuck in the garage from the drift up against the garage door.
Can't get out

Tim ventured out and measured 19" in our driveway.
Snow in our driveway - 19inches

Then he got going with the snow blower. When Jon walked through the path it created it was almost as high as his waist.
The snow plow path

By the time we were done with the driveway and the walk, the piles were as tall as 35 inches.
Snow Bank - 35 inches

While the kids didn't stay out for the whole event I did get this shot before taking them in for some hot chocolate. It is dedicated to my dad (He took one like this of me after the blizzard of 78 when I was one.):
For my dad

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Michele said...

Ha ha ha! Jon is hilarious!