Wednesday, December 7, 2011


OK, so there are many times when I think that my kids area a lot alike, especially when it comes to how they look, but there are times too, when I notice how unique they are. This was one of those times.

Becca has been in love with mittens. We got them out the other day when it was pretty cold out and we were going to walk to the bus stop to pick up Michael. Jon and Becca really needed to get out and run around, so we bundled up and left earlier enough that they could both walk/run and not take the stroller.

Since then, Becca has wanted to put the mittens on again and again. Here are some pictures from one of her "photo shoots" as I'm calling the way she loves to pose for the camera and then check herself out.

Now, the boys hated mittens. I have no idea if this difference is their personalities, a boy/girl thing, or the fact that these season related things are happening at a different age for Becca. She is hitting this winter just before and after 2 years old. The boys did winter at 18 months and 2 1/2.

Here is Michael at 18 months. He looks alright about it in this picture, but he HATED snow on his mittens because he couldn't get it off.

And here is Jon last winter at 2 1/2 - He did not like mittens or anything to do with the snow.

Now of course, Becca hasn't actually been out in the snow with her mittens, but I'm betting the snow won't really bug her. :)

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