Thursday, December 1, 2011

You know you are a love and logic mom when...

Yesterday I realized that our toy bins were a bit scarce on toys and innocently thought, maybe some of them had gotten lost under the couch. So I knelt down and lifted the couch flap - AAHHHHHH. The entire area under both couches was filled to the brim with toys, books, old socks, you name it. I was instantly aware that Michael had not been correctly completing his evening chore of cleaning up the living room for quite some time. I must admit that initially I was furious! He has done this in the past and I thought we were over it. Luckily, Michael was at school so I was able to calm down and realize in true love and logic fashion that this was a perfect opportunity to teach him responsibility.

So when I got home from picking him up from school I calmly told him what I had found. He gave me a sheepish grin.

Then I let him know that instead of video games this afternoon, he could use that half hour to clean out under the couches and put everything in the it's proper place. His face turned to a frown and he said, "And then I can play video games?"

I told him, no that this would be instead of video games. That is when the wailing started. At first it was about how unfair it was and how he couldn't clean it ALL up by HIMSELF! To his credit, though, he started right in on cleaning while crying and yelling. Soon, though, the wailing turned to "Why do I always do this? I need to remember...."


So, you know you are a love and logic mom when after all this, your only regret is that you couldn't tell him about cleaning up during video games in the morning before school so he would be able to think about it all day at school and really burn it into his memory. :) I love my job as mom and I love my son dearly!!

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Michele said...

You go Christy! "Why do I always do this?" you have to record that somewhere. Too cute.