Friday, December 2, 2011

We finally got a Christmas tree

Last weekend we got everyone all bundled up and headed out the door to get a Christmas tree, only to find out that it was raining. We had no desire to stand outside looking at trees with three kids in the rain, let alone bring a wet tree into our house, so we headed back in and put the adventure on hold.

Monday evening we tried for the second time - this time with success. We wandered around the lot looking at trees. We found one we liked a lot, but Michael insisted that we stay for a while and look at ALL the trees. So we wandered around some more. At one point I put Becca down and asked her if she wanted to run with the boys. She grinned at me, turned and ran, giggling, right out of the tree lot and into the parking lot. So after catching her, we settled on the initial tree we liked and brought it home.

Tuesday while Tim was at work we decorated it. I must say it would have gone a lot smoother if we didn't have an almost 2 year old her thought it her mission to undecorate as quickly as we could decorate, but we had fun. I thought we had done so well finding one that wasn't very prickly, but now I wonder if a couple good pokes would help keep Becca off of the tree. :)

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Michele said...

Cute pic in front of the tree!