Monday, February 18, 2013

Making Valentines

So I know I shared with you already about Valentine's Day, but let me back up to the two days prior to that.  As I said, we had three parties and we were to exchange Valentines for all three.  Jon and Becca needed 20 each for the morning.  Jon needed 11 for his class and Michael needed 22 for his class.

I had been looking through one of my digital scrapbooking stores the other day and Michael saw these and thought they were really cool (especially the bat man one)!  I thought they might make fun Valentines.

So I purchased them and we attempted to make them.  The first 20 were great fun.  By 40 I was making mental notes to not do something that required so much work next year, and by the 76th (I wanted a few extra in case some fell apart) my fingers were developing scissors blisters.   I think this would have been a better project if more than just one of my kids could help with the cutting.  However, I think they turned out super cute (pun intended) and I even think I'd do it again.  It is kinda like going through labor.  When you're in it you can't imagine doing it again, but afterwards you love the results so much you think....  (And really this was nowhere near as painful as labor.)

The kids wouldn't let me turn off the camera until we got a picture of them flying!

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