Thursday, February 7, 2013


We've had the train set upstairs from the basement for a couple of weeks now.  In fact Jon announced to me that he doesn't like trains anymore.  However their cousins were over last weekend and Cody and Luke are both train fans, so out came a lot of the train pieces.  Becca was very interested to play along and this week she has loved getting out the train set.  And lo and behold when I sit down to play with her Jon and Michael seem to materialize to play along.  I wish I'd had a video of it so that you could here the "thank you very much" said from one brother to the other while this picture was taken.  Of course after a while they turned into fights, but for a short while the train set brought out fabulous manners in my kiddos.   :)

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Emily said...

That happens at our house too. It's exciting again when you see others having fun with it! Glad it's bringing out good manners and not fighting.