Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yes, we went to Florida for Christmas. All of my family was there and it was fabulous!

Santa came a day early to fill the kids' stocking so that they could open them on the plane on Christmas eve. We had quite the adventure on this trip so it is a good thing there were snacks, nerf balls, cars, and crayons in their stockings. Our trip started at 4:30 am when we left our house to head to the airport. Mostly the trip went fine until we passed into Florida and the pilot announced that our plane had an imbalance in the fuel tanks and need to make an emergency landing. After spending some time on the ground in the plane and then quite a bit of time sitting around the airport we finally got put on a bus to Orlando and made it just in time for dinner.

Christmas day we hung around the amazing resort. The kids swam in the pools and enjoyed the playground. Here are the three little ones ready to race!

The next day we were off to Sea World with Brian, Emily, and their kiddos. We took things pretty slow and the kids lasted well past dinner which was wonderful.

Michael got to stop at each of the animal exhibits to ask a question and earn an animal card. You could just see his brain working to come up with fun questions to ask.

OK, I know this doesn't really seem "sea animal"ish, but the boys were so thrilled that they could ride on this little train. :)

A lot of the days we hung out at the resort playing games, hitting tennis balls, and a favorite of everyone - swimming outdoors in December!

And yes, while we were there we did stop by and see a couple of famous mice:

The kids loved Disney World. We had to stand in quite a few lines as the place was packed, but we had tons of fun. A favorite ride for me and the little ones was the carousel. Becca and Jon loved going up and down and giggled a lot and I loved that there was a fairly short quick moving line. :)

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