Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The other day the boys asked to play Uno and of course Becca wanted in too. Playing cards like this with my three kids reminds me of when I use to work running activities in a nursing home. Cards was a favorite of those residents too. I would gather them up, shuffle and deal the cards, and then try to help them hold them, frequently reorganizing their cards for them. Then as the game proceeded I had to instruct each turn. Back then it was Kings in the Corner, so I would say, "Do you have a black 7? Do you have a red 8?" etc.

On to my kiddos and their game, I shuffled the deck (of which I think we only have about 1/2 the cards now as they get transported to nooks and crannies around our house or chewed on and ripped up from time to time). Then I dealt and helped the kids to hold the cards. We actually ended up letting Jon lay his cards out on the table. Then as each turn went I was asking, "Do you have a 3? Do you have any yellow?"

Ahhhh, so much fun for all, although after a few rounds the kids were just getting started while I was wearing out.

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