Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gingerbread houses

We got back from Florida on Saturday but as you can see it has taken me a few days to settle back in and get back to my normal routine which includes posting here. When I sat down at the computer to type this tonight, I was greeted by new posts on both Michele's and Emily's blogs, so I see that it must be the day for finally getting back to blogging. I'm going to go back a little before we even left for Florida and share with you some Christmas posts.

The first is that we made gingerbread houses this year with the kids which was so much fun! I used the instructions from this web site and it all worked really well.

Step 1: Make the gingerbread
We did this on Monday night. The kids loved helping to measure and pour things into the bowl and then try and stir it all together.

The boys left after a while, but Becca stayed around to help me hand mix the dough. She loved getting her fingers all gooey!

Step 2: Bake the gingerbread.
The instructions said to let the dough sit over night in the fridge, so that is what we did. Tuesday morning we rolled out the dough and cut our house pieces. The dough was a bit hard to roll for the kids but they had fun putting the shapes on and helping to mash the dough. Becca also had a blast trying to sneak bites to eat while we worked. When we were done we had made a mess, but we had enough pieces to make two houses.

Step 3: Assemble the houses
We did this Tuesday afternoon and I timed it perfectly because Tim's siblings all came out for a visit and they arrived Tuesday around noon. I had anticipated that extra adult hands would be extremely useful for assembly.

Step 4: Decoration!
Now onto the part we have all been waiting for - the candy! Michael had helped me to pick out just the right candy a few days before, so on Wednesday with the houses solidly glued together we decorated them. I think the aunts and uncle had just as much fun as the kids with this part. The houses were brightly ornamented and everyone had plenty of candy in their bellies.

The finished products:

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Michele said...

Yes I finally got my blog caught up today after being 2.5 weeks behind... phew. Looks like you guys had fun with Tim's siblings! What a blast.