Friday, January 13, 2012

A ghost has found our house

Jon has been daily turning into a ghost. He has discovered the fun of the blanket over the head.

Becca on the other hand was entirely freaked by the transformation. The first time Jon did it she screamed and ran. We did a few "Jon - Jon ghost - Jon - Jon ghost" by putting the blanket on and off to see if that would help her.

For days, though, she was fascinated but wouldn't go near him. This is a scene I saw a lot:

She would half giggle and watch Jon ghost jump on the trampoline. As soon as he would make one move towards her she would change to crying. With her sitting on my lap we got her finally to reach out and touch Jon ghost. After a week she is now calm about the even and even asked me to put the blanket over her head yesterday. It didn't last long, though, because she has no concept of how to walk as a ghost - she just plows ahead, bumping into everything in her path.

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