Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME

As of this past Saturday morning I am 35 years old. Or to word it as we use to as kids when we thought our parents were ancient, "I'm half way to 70!" I had a wonderful birthday. It started on Friday with whispers between Tim and the boys and between Michael and Jon throughout the day about what they were planning.

Then Friday evening I got early birthday flowers!

On Saturday I got up to a yummy breakfast of eggs made for me and some wonderful birthday cards. We had a low key morning and then after naps we headed downtown for an ice sculpture contest. It was so much fun to watch the carving and see the creations. Many of them from the day before were mostly unrecognizable because of the warm weather, but we did see this fun sea horse.

Then we ate an early dinner out and had brownie sundaes back at home. Becca helped me blow out the candles.

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