Monday, November 25, 2013


When Jon and Becca get to playing together it usually quickly involves a bunch of animals and dolls.  Last Friday was such a day.  We had just had one of the busiest weeks and on Friday we had absolutely nothing on the schedule.  So while I got some stuff done around the house and got caught up on some reading I wanted to do, Jon and Becca went off into pretend mode.

After a while I went around the house to see what was up.  This puppy is Chocolate.  He slept on the kitchen floor today.  He use to be one of my favorite stuffed animals as a kid (hence the name).  I love that he brings joy to my kids too.

During their games the front hallway always fill up with the friends.  When I ask, they can never tell me exactly what they were doing, but the hallway seems to be a favorite hang out place for the animals and dolls.  Based on what I hear, there is a lot of Mommy, Daddy, and Baby playing here.

And then upstairs it was lunch time.

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