Friday, November 1, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Haig's visit

Every fall Grandma and Grandpa Haig try and make it to West Michigan for a visit.  The kids are always so excited and can barely wait the whole week leading up to their arrival.  This year they came in on a super late flight - I think it arrived at our house around midnight.  So the kids and I got the house ready during the day by moving beds and such.  And then the kids had to go to bed and wait until the morning to greet them only for me to make them stay quiet while the grandparents slept in after being up so late.

This picture is so funny for me.  It shows the boys have fun with grandpa but it is so much calmer than what really happened.  Playing with grandpa for them is usually wrestling and tiger back rides.  :)

This year Aunt Katherine was able to drive up for the weekend too.

It was the last weekend of soccer games and it was cold.  So at 8 am on Saturday we got Michael, Tim, Grandma, and Grandpa all bundled up to head out to Michael's game.  I stayed home with Jon and Becca but they were not to be left out of all the hats and mittens we scrounged for.

One of Becca's favorite things is helping them make coffee.  It fascinates her since Tim and I never make it.  A couple days after they left she came to me with this - a napkin in a plastic cup, announcing that she was "making coffee!"

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