Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cousin Visit

Sam and Michele had a retreat in Holland to attend and so the Williamson kids came and spent the night Friday.  The evening went well and everyone went to sleep without any trouble.  Saturday morning everyone got up and Tim and his sister Sarah who was also with us headed off to play a frisbee tournament so I was home with 6 kids: 8 year old Michael, 5 year old Jon, 3 year olds Becca and Luke, 1 year old Judah, and a baby who is their foster daughter at the moment.

So what does one do with 6 kids 8 and under?  We actually had a great time.  We slowly got everyone fed and dressed and then while the baby napped we went upstairs and played trains and cars.  After snack we got out crayons, markers, stickers, coloring books and workbooks.  I think they played at the table for over 30 minutes.  Even Judah was happy to scribble, pull off stickers, and mostly watch all the big kids at work.  And I must say that our nephew Luke was thrilled to find a bunch of pink markers!

Next up was lunch, and luckily everyone likes the same food so while there were plenty of requests for different things, everyone was satisfied when I announced the same menu for all.  The day ended with some outside playtime in the driveway thanks to the beautiful sunshine God provided.

Here is a picture of the crew.  I can't share a picture of the baby online, but I can tell you that I dressed her in a MSU sleeper for the day at her mom's request.  I knew that Sam wouldn't allow it in his house, so we got it well worn at our house.

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Michele said...

I guess we need to get some more pink markers! Lol