Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treating

This year Jon announced that he wanted to be Batman for Halloween.  Michael didn't take the news well since he wanted to wear the Batman costume we had.  When we took it up from the basement it was actually too small for Michael so Jon got his wish.  However, when I visited Craigslist I lucked out finding one Michael's size just down the road from us.

So let me introduce you to my 2 Batmen!

Halloween night was rainy so I left Becca home for a while and took the boys to a couple of neighborhood streets.  Then we came back and picked up mama kangaroo Becca and finished off the night by trick or treating our street.  They had a blast and I think it will be Halloween treats after lunch and dinner for at least a month!  That is if I can stop sneaking them throughout the afternoon.

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