Friday, March 6, 2009

Half Birthdays

Growing up, half birthdays were a fun celebration at my house. Like most kids we were fascinated by birthdays and spent hours figuring out when we would be 10 1/2 or 10 3/4 etc. For our half birthdays my mom would make a round cake, cut it in half and layer it to make a "half cake." Then we would get one present. This was such a fun tradition.
Last month was Michael's half birthday and I realized I forgot to share our celebration for all of you. I let Michael help me frost his cake - I did the frosting, he added more than enough sprinkles. :) Then when he wasn't looking later in the day I added a matchbox car. Tim always got a car on his cake growing up and we did one for Michael on his 3rd birthday and he thought it was the greatest. So when I brought the cake out with the car, he just got soooo excited. It was a cool blue race car that opened up to show the engine - a definite hit! We sang a half birthday song, ate the cake, and Michael played with his new car. It was a simple but fun night!
On a side note, when I made the cake there was enough batter to fill two pans. I only needed one pan to layer and make the "half cake" so I had another cake sitting around. Michael's idea was that we should save that one for when he turns 4! He was disappointed to find out that it would get yucky if we waited that long to eat it.

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