Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Favorite activities

Well we are back in the swing of the school year. Michael is now at school three full days a week and we are settling into our school year routine. I took Michael to school this morning and then stopped by Meijer with Jon and Becca on the way home to do the weekly shopping. Can I tell you how wonderfully empty the store and parking lot are at 8:20 in the morning!! I love it. Jon can yell or Becca can screech without me feeling like we are bothering everyone. The isles are mostly empty so when Jon gets ahold of the cart and starts pushing I don't fear for other people's feet. And Jon could go around and help me get things and then scan them at the checkout without me being afraid that we would be holding up a line of people.

In our routine there are some things that seem to happen every day. Here are pictures of two of them I've caught this week so far:

Becca is obsessed with trying on every pair of shoes she can.

And Michael and Jon still play tackle football ALL THE TIME!

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Michele said...

Luke is also trying on every pair of shoes in the house, multiple times each day. What's up with that??