Thursday, September 15, 2011

We found a new playground

Becca's favorite - a new kind of swing!

Notice the sweatshirt. Last week when I had to put long pants on Jon he complained that they bothered him that they touched his feet (he's use to shorts of course) and refused to wear a sweatshirt. This day I thought it was going to be cold again and dressed them accordingly. By the time we got to the playground the sun was out and it was pushing 80 degrees, but now Jon wouldn't take it off. :)

My boys on TV.

Becca has no fear. When she saw the slide she climbed up on her own and went down before I noticed. She flew down actually, going right off the end and falling face first in the sand at the bottom. I picked her up and tried to clean the sand off her face, but she kept squirming out of my arms to go again.

This is what Michael calls his tricks.

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