Friday, September 30, 2011

To nap or not to nap?

Jon has been spending naps time quietly playing in his room for the last month or so. This was totally fine until he started getting louder and louder and then venturing out into all different rooms of the house - waking up Becca frequently. So we decided to start a new "rest time" routine with him. Starting Tuesday this week, I brought him up to my room with his pillow, snugglie, and some books and quiet toys just before 1:00. We made a little nest for him in my bed, and he was instructed to stay in the bed until the clock said 2:00. Both Tuesday and Wednesday he played quietly and then fell asleep before 1:30. I think without the shelves of tempting toys to distract him, he was able to calm down well - something he has trouble doing now without his pacifier.

So then Wednesday night at bedtime, our Jon is not tired at all. I assumed that it was because he napped two days in a row and probably only needs a couple of naps a week now. So yesterday I let him stay downstairs and watch a sesame street we had taped during rest time. About half way through the show he got very quiet:

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