Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh how I hate teething!

Michael got his first tooth at 4 month, over Christmas vacation. This meant that he cried and cried on the car trip and quite a lot for poor grandma and grandpa that wanted a sweet baby grandson to play with. It also meant that he was way too young to understand that he shouldn't bite while nursing which led to some moments I happy to forget about.

As it turned out Michael actually got a lot of his teeth when we were on vacation. I sometimes wonder if our relatives simply thought we had an always cranky baby.

Jonathan did not get his first tooth until after he gave up nursing at 10 months. I was told that the rate of teething seems to run in families and to expect Jon's around the same time as Michael. However, those of you who know Jon, understand that it is part of his mission in life to be as different as he can from Michael and this was no exception.

I really don't remember much about Jon teething, but since he was in a habit of waking every hour, crying for me to give him his pacifier, I don't remember a lot of specifics about life over that year as I wasn't getting much sleep.

Our Rebecca's teeth seem to want to each have the spotlight on their own. Most kids get teeth in pairs or even 3 or 4 at a time. Becca's teeth, however, have all come in one at a time. Before each one there is about 3-4 days where she drools up a storm and doesn't sleep well. Then, a new tooth appears and life goes back to normal.

She so far has all eight front teeth and three molars. However, she has been working on this last molar for two weeks now. She chews on everything and always has a toy or her fingers in on that side of her mouth. And she wakes up crying almost every night. We have gotten in the habit of giving her tylenol when she does as it is the only things that keeps her from continuing to wake up again and again. However, no tooth yet. Every couple of days I think I feel it but then it disappears. Please oh please oh please come up through the gums and give me back my sweet daughter!

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