Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haig House Preschool

Yesterday was on of Michael's school days so I thought I'd use my camera to document my preschool day at home with Jon and Becca:

Little did I know that the day would start off with a bath. When I went to get Becca up I found that at some point in the night she had pooped and then stuck her hand in her diaper - it was everywhere. Uggg! No more two piece pajamas for her for a while. Of course this was right around the time Michael was suppose to be picked up by his ride for school, so I told him to watch through the window and yell to me when they came so I could supervise the bath upstairs. I was so nervous that I wouldn't hear him and he'd just leave without me knowing, but it all turned out fine. And I had supper happy and clean little ones splashing away for a while.

After baths we set about playing with the trains. Jon and I had put them together the day before during "each kids plays in a different room" time. Jon and Becca love these as they can really set up the trains and get them going well. And I could use the time to get myself dressed and do some chores upstairs. I was frequently interrupted - they would play for a couple of minutes, then come and check on me, get bored with my sorting of laundry and return to play, repeat. However, I got about 20 minutes of work done which is an accomplishment.

Throughout the morning we kept taking potty breaks! Jon has been resistant to sitting on the potty until I bought another one for Becca. If I talk to Becca about sitting on the potty - Jon doesn't want to be left behind. And yes, those are in my living room (a bit yuck but very practical) and yes, Jon is on the pink one - apparently the new one is way cooler than the older one (and I wouldn't want to gender stereotype my kiddos). :)

OK, I promise that is the last picture that is a bit x-rated. Next up is making banana bread. They had so much fun dumping things in, stirring, and making a mess. And don't forget licking the spoons!

The it was time for a snack and some Mickey Mouse.

You can barely see it but there is a music player on the fridge. Some day I will try to get a video of this, but my kids love to dance and sing along.

We found a month on the window that was fascinating to Jon so we spent some time talking about butterflies and moths.

We also did a ton of laundry that morning as we were pretty far behind. I'm a firm believer that kids should start helping with chores even before they can walk. I certainly don't expect their help to make the chore go faster - in fact it often takes longer, but it is good training and good quality time together. Here Becca is taking things out of the dryer and passing them to me to be folded.

Finally we got to eat some of the nice warm banana bread for lunch!

And all of that was before noon. Well, actually I'd say all of that was about a tenth of the things we did before noon!

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