Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I finished my 2010 Album

So far in my scrapbooking fun I've been jumping all over the place. I scrap a page about something current and then I scrap some pictures from 2006 or something. Since I do them on the computer I can just store them in files without them taking up any physical space. However I've decided that It's time I start printing some pages so I decided to work through 2010 and scrap all of the pictures that I wanted in the 2010 album but hadn't gotten around to yet. This past week I finished the Thankmas and Christmas layouts!!! And I sent a whole bunch off to be printed. I can't wait until they get here later this week and I can complete my 2010 album. And I'm happy to say that it is before 2011 even ends. :)

So for those who want to get in the Christmas spirit very late - or I guess early now for 2011 here are my Christmas layouts:

Credits: All Things Magical by Traci Reed and Meghan Mullens, Tempate by Cindy Schnider, font is Rita 2 by Darcy Baldwin, Photo actions by Holly McCaig

Credits: Template from my Pack 8, Jolly Jingle Collab from Litttle Dreamer Designs, font is DiNarrow, photo actions by Faith True

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