Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I know that today is the 11th but it was last week. Michael and I both found this date amusing so we set out to take 11 pictures of the things we did on 11/11/11. Here you go:

Morning Chores - here are the boys unloading the dishwasher.

We took a trip to the library - forgot to get a picture at the library with Becca running wild trying to pull books off the shelf, but here we are with the books and movies when we got home.

We also got Michael boots since it snowed the other day and we can't cram his feet into his boots from last year.

Lunch was left over chicken nuggets, home made bread with honey and grapes.

Then it was nap/rest time!

After rest time came some football.

And of course, a day could not go by without Jon playing with his cars.

Tim came home right after school for the first time this week so the kids we so excited to have some Daddy time.

We all got to eat dinner together. I just love our family dinner times.

After dinner there was a dance party to David Crowder Band.

And now let out a big sigh with me because we made it to the kids' bedtime.

And I actually got around to scrapping a page with it so here it is:

Credits: Letting Go by Amy Stoffel, Freebie Template from Digital Scrapbooking Classes Facebook page, fonts are Cinda by Darcy Baldwin and Massey


Emily said...

What a great idea! I love that you made something fun of the day. Very cute post.

Michele said...

Love this! I get tired just thinking of all of the things you do in one day!