Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elephant and Piggie

Michael and I are loving this series of early read books:

This is the most recent one we got out of the library - Michael likes then all but of course prefers the ones with balls in them.

So why do we like them?

From Michael's point of view: He can read many of the words and they are full of humor totally appropriate for his age.

From my perspective: They are actually pretty funny. The whole books are written in speech bubbles for what the characters say which is engaging and also easy for me to read some and Michael to read some. Also, they actually tell a story well in easy words to read. Too many of the early read books are "The frog sat on a log" etc and there really is no story development so Michael gets too quickly board with them. But these tell a story with fairly easy words so Michael can read a lot of it.

If you've never seen them before you should check the kids section of your library. :)

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