Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm officially

certified to teach in the State of Michigan again.

I know it's not a very good scan of it, but that is my certificate that came in the mail a couple of days ago.

Back story: We had always planned for me to go back to work at some point, but the Lord has put things in motion that are leading me to get ready for this sooner than I anticipated. I don't know if it means there is a job waiting for me in the next couple of years, but it does mean that I will probably be doing my student teaching hours this spring. The wonderful people at Calvin were very understanding and helpful for my last minute change of plans and they have almost worked everything out to make it happen.

I will be student teaching with students with learning disabilities to work towards my LD endorsement. Since this will be my second special education endorsement I only need to do 1/2 the hours. This is why I went through getting my certificate back current to make sure there was no trouble recognizing that this will be my second special education endorsement.

I will keep everyone posted about the details of this spring as they begin to unfold. Right now I just ask that you keep Tim and I in prayer as we try to get ready for what it means for our family for me to be out of the house so much this spring. I'm a bit nervous about the headaches it might bring and the whole finding good child care for our kids. I do wish I had my mom to talk to for wisdom about going back to work even though this is only a temporary student teaching time. However, I do know that this is from the Lord's leading so he will provide - it can just be hard sometimes to wait and trust.

Overall, though, I'm am very excited for this opportunity. I love that I will get this time to immerse myself in teaching again and fan the passion I have for this part of who I am.

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Michele said...

Congrats!! You know that the childcare WILL work out, you just don't know HOW yet. But I'm sure that you are going to love being back in the classroom again!