Saturday, November 12, 2011

A week of being MOM

Tim has had a busy week with conferences, his two first basketball games of the season to coach, and church band rehearsal. This has meant that there has been a lot of time this week where I am home alone with the kiddos. I think I did pretty good, although I'm certainly not wishing I was a single mom. So here are some highlights from the week that kept me sane.

1. New toys!
Well, not really new, but I have three huge bins of toys in the basement that we haven't used in a while, so this week we packed up the bin upstairs and traded it with one in the basement. Every time we do this the kids think it is Christmas will all the toys they have long forgotten about. One of the toys that came out this round was "Memory Bears" which is a super cute bear matching game that GG-Pa and Great Sandy gave us many Christmases ago. We played it together many time (both as memory and go fish) and then the boys have been playing it together a lot this week too.

2. Play Date
There is a first grader from Michael's school who sits with him on the bus a lot and lives a couple of blocks away. Since the kids were off school for conferences we decided to give them a call (Michael has been begging me to call them for weeks now) to see if they wanted to play. This boy has a 4 year old brother too so I thought he and Jon might hit it off. Turns out they were thrilled but didn't have a car this week so they invited us to there house instead. So Tuesday morning we hung out at their place. I have a fun time chatting with the mom and the kids had fun investigating even more new toys.

3. Markers and stickers
I wish I had taken a picture of this, but all three kids got really into sticker this week - especially Jon. He went to town filling pages with stickers. Becca was cute too because she kept putting stickers on top of each other so that the whole sheet of stickers would end up in one pile if I didn't help her try and spread them. And I think she needs one of those stick and remove sticker sets because she was distraught that she couldn't peel them back up once they were on the page. And then I got out the markers. I usually make them use crayons, so this was a treat. Jon ended up with markers all the way up his arm. I had to put a stop to the fun, though, when Michael came to me to say, "I had to draw marker on the table Mom to see what color they were."

4. Jumping on the trampoline
This is a perfect toy for a rainy week like this one has been. - Video coming!

5. Movie night - a great way to pass an evening when dad is out.
We first got all ready for bed and I even let the kids take their snugglies down which was a real treat. Then we put pillows and blankets out on the floor and got cozy for Toy Story 3.

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