Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hair Cuts for All

I have been cutting Michael's hair for years now.  His hair grows so fast that he needs it cut every couple month, and I don't want to spend that much money on it.  For a while I did it by hand - basically pulling up the hairs and holding them between my fingers and cutting off whatever stood taller than my fingers.  Then I got daring and we got a buzzer set.  The first time I used it I about panicked.  What if I totally messed it up?  But I found that the buzzer set was super easy - #4 buzzer all around the head, #2 buzzer around the neck and ears, then trimmer buzzer right at the bottom of their hairline on the next and around the ears.

Last week, we added Becca to the home hair cutting night (Mom cuts and then Dad bathes them to get all the hair fuzz off.)  At first she freaked out, insisting that if I cut her hair it would hurt.  :)  Once I got started she did fine.  While I thought about cutting some cute bangs I decided to play it safe and just trim around the edges to make everything even.  

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