Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleepy Note

We are back from a week long vacation in Orlando.  It was tons of fun and I will spend the rest of this week sharing pictures and stories with you but for now I'm tired and want to nap so let me give you three things that are on my mind after our trip.

1. Our kids are amazing travelers.  We had a few whines from Becca last night while she was trying to fall asleep on the plane at 9:00ish and then again when I had to wake her at 10:00 so we could get off the plane.  That's it!!  They were fabulous the whole time.  We flew into Chicago and drove home, arriving at about 1:30 am.  Check out the sleeping kiddos:

2. 4 hours of sleep is not enough for me.  I hope that Tim is doing alright back teaching and coaching today.  When I was getting the kids dressed this morning at 10:00 I was telling Becca that we would: get dressed, go grocery shopping, come home to eat lunch, bring Jon and Michael to school, and then take a nap.  A few minutes later I couldn't find her.  Turns out she was in bed getting ready for her nap. Apparently she didn't get enough sleep either.

3. You'd think after 15 hours of stacking in the last two days my kids would want a break, but the boys have been stacking this morning and Michael for the first time stacked three 7 second cycles in a row.  If you'd like to see some of the tournament results check them out here.

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