Friday, April 12, 2013

Orlando Trip Post #3

Our trip ended with the World Championships for Sport Stacking!  Wow - it is so much fun to get to hang out with team USA and all of the stackers from around the world.  Tim and Michael had a bunch of practices throughout the week and Jon even got to go along on some of them.  The actual tournament was Saturday and Sunday.  While only Tim and Michael got to stack in the tournament, Jon and Becca got to play around with the team in the practice rooms.

Here is a larger shot of the room where Team USA and Team Germany were stationed for the weekend.

My favorite event of the weekend was Michael's relay team.  It was made up of 4 stackers age 7 and 8 and all four of them are FAST!  On Saturday they competed in the age 10 and under division in head to head relays.  This is where two teams face off against each other to see who can complete their stacks faster and without scratches.  Michael's team was probably the 4th fasted in the division with two older team USA and one team Germany teams that had more speed.  Michael's team was coached to go fast but not their absolute fastest so the would not make mistakes.  Boy did it pay off - they came in first in the 3-6-3 and second in the Cycle races.  I was so nervous for them watching but SO proud of them.

Then on Sunday they competed in the timed relay event.  In the 10 and under division they came in third place.  AND they set a new age 8 and under record time!

Both Tim and Michael also set new personal tournament best times in their individual events.  Tim even came in first place in the 3-3-3 and Cycle which is fabulous especially considering the woman from Germany who holds all the records was there competing!

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