Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Madness

The DeJong family does a March Madness contest and each of the kids can enter so after working with them to pick teams, they are all about basketball right now.  The boys love to go across the street and shoot hoops with our neighbor.

And the other day Jon wanted me to come and watch the "free shot" he had set up with the connect 4 pieces.

This year, Michael pretty much picked his teams all on his own.  He complains that the upsets he picked weren't upsets and that some of the times he didn't pick an upset, one happened.  I told him that that is how March Madness brackets always go.  Here is his bracket.  Hopefully you can see some of it - It is a bit worse for wear right now because he has been taking it to and from school and leaving it outside while he plays, etc.

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