Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we had so much fun celebrating!  We started the morning by getting dressed up a bit and heading to church.  Tim went in early for band rehearsal.  I came in later for service with the kids.  Our church has two services and I was in church for the first and then taught in Becca's class for the second.  It was so much fun to do the Easter story with the little kids.  They made a Jesus and then we held him down under our hands like in the grave and then lifted them up and the kids would shout "Jesus is alive!"  They had a blast and more than one of them greeted their parents at pick up with "Jesus is alive!"  So precious.

Of course now I have been singing the catchy tune we used there to London Bridges in my head all day:
Jesus is alive today, Clap your hands, Shout Hooray!  Jesus is alive today, we're so happy!
Jesus is alive today, ___________, Shout Hooray!  Jesus is alive today, we're so happy!
(The ______ can be filled in with silly things like "spin around" or "wiggle your ears" as the kids suggest.)

Back at home we had a small lunch, rest time, and then watched the Michigan win!

Finally it was time for an egg hunt.  This year I hid our 12 resurrection eggs that have props in them to tell the Easter story, and 110 mini chocolate eggs all around the main floor.  It probably took the kids 20 minutes to find the 12 big ones and 101 small eggs.  (Periodically over the next hour we did find the 9 missing eggs.)

Finally we ended the day with a nice Easter dinner.  It's not a traditional Easter meal, but it is the family favorite so we went with it - pasta!  The kids were so excited to use our fancy cups too.  And when I put the table cloth on Jon exclaimed "A sheet for the table?!"  I guess we don't do fancy meals very often with three little ones.

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