Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orlando Trip Post #2

We were so blessed to have my dad offer up his time share for us to stay in in Orlando.  The place is absolutely gorgeous.  There are pools (yes plural), a playground, tennis courts, ping pong, and a giant chess set that my kids love.  This is the third time I've stayed there and we love it every time.  The first time was before my mom passed away and I found myself recalling a lot of memories of her while we were there.  I realize that I've come to a new place in my grief about loosing her.  The memories still sting as I miss her so much, but the loss is not so all consuming all the time that I found I was able to enjoy the memories too.  While I will always wish her back, I am so blessed by and thankful for the wonderful memories I have.

Even though we enjoyed the whole resort throughout the week, I only have pictures of the pool.  We brought along some water wings and they made Becca and Jon completely independent in the water which was fabulous!

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