Friday, October 26, 2007

He's his parent's child

For those of you who don't know me and my hubby, we both majored/minored in math in college. And also I could note that "FUN" for me growing up was begging my parents to write out math problems for me to solve. So anyway, our son Michael is starting to become curious about letters/numbers these days. We have some abc magnets on the fridge and he loves to learn "N" for Noah (a friend), "M" for Michael, "G" for grandma, "B" for baseball, and of course "R" for Red Sox! Anyway, while he can pick out the letter when asked, he still calls most letters "N"s. So we get "N" for Noah, "N" for grandma, "N" for baseball, etc. Well, to get back to the math, just the other day we were looking through a book of trains where each page shows a number. The first page has a train with one car and the number 1 on it, the second page has a two car train with the number 2 on it, etc. He was pointing to each number and reading it correctly. I totally assumed that he was just counting in order - still impressive but he has been doing this for a couple of months now. So then the next day we took some some Thomas trains that are numbered. In no order I pointed to them and asked what number that was. He got everyone right except for the 9 which he called a 6! I was baffled. I have the smartest two year old! Don't you agree?!! LOL

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sgw said...

I guess Grandpa's blocks are paying off afterall!