Saturday, October 13, 2007


Who teaches 2 year olds how to throw temper tantrums? Is there some class that they all sneak off to? Or are humans just build to kick and scream the same way at 2 years old? Now, let me start by saying that I think my son is a pretty good kid and fairly calm for 2. And of course that is the side that he shows to everyone outside of the home leading many to think that I am crazy when I say that he knows how to tantrum with the best of them! Just the other day Michael asked to wash his hands. Now normally this is a fine thing, but there are times - like when you've helped him wash his hands 7 times already that morning - when you just have to say No to such requests! So I did. And right there on the floor in front of the bathroom he falls face down to the ground. The fists go over his head to pound and the feet kick up and down, high in the air to have the greatest impact with the ground. And the whiny cry begins. This is how it goes: Kick, kick, kick, and scream; pause to peak up and see if I'm watching; kick, kick, kick and scream; pause for the parental check again; and so on! :) Just the perfect 2 year old temper tantrum! And to show you how much I think these are funny occasions, here is a picture I took of his first tantrum and not yet 1.5 years old. (A true scrapbooking mom, I know.)

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Tracy said...

That is too familiar! I have done the same thing taking pics of the tantrums. I sure hope it gets better because my 2-year old is doing the same thing! :)