Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Pictures

I got around to uploading some pictures from my camera today and thought I'd share. These first two are from our trip to the zoo when my mom was visiting. Funny story behind this one. First, you will see that there is a lion above and to the left of them. My intention was to take a picture of them looking at the lion and of course, my son was having a sagging diaper problem and showing a bit too much crack, so we opted for the front view.
This second picture is of course of an elephant. The elephant that we saw at the zoo was splashing in the water and Michael got to see him drink some, so now every time Michael sees a picture of an elephant, he says, "Elephant - drink water" as if that is the animals full scientific name.

The other pictures are from our night of jack-o-lantern making. I bought the pumpkin full of all the great memories I have of carving pumpkins with my dad each year growing up. We always had a pumpkin for each child in the family and often tried to size them appropriately according to age. (I as the oldest always loved this part more than my siblings probably!) :) And then when I taught elementary school I always carved them with my students each year - it was so much fun!
I brought the pumpkin home and told my husband with joy that I had a great evening activity for him and his son. He responded with less the enthusiasm I was expecting. lol Come to find out that he never really like carving pumpkins - or so he says. Although he did comment that he liked eating all the yummy things that his mom made from the insides.
So I guess my son will get to make memories about carving a pumpkin with his mom! I was so excited to do this with him. We first drew the face on the pumpkin. This is so cute since Michael is getting interested in drawing faces a lot. And of course we added some hair on the top because to my 2 year old a face isn't a face without some hair. So then I go to cut off the top and when I pull it off Michael freaks out! He kept wanting me to put it back on - I think he was in shock that I cut off the top of it's head. :) When I finally convinced him that it was ok, he helped me clean out the inside and cut out the face. We put a candle in it and turned out the lights in the room and Michael just sat in awe for a while. When Daddy came in the room he asked Michael what the pumpkin's name was and Michael's response was, "Hot!"

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